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10 Mistakes People Make When dressing..


Making mistakes when dressing is one of the easiest mistakes made in our present world of fashion. From the most complex of styles to the simplest attire. There are some basic rules of dressing people often fail to heed.

1. Putting on the wrong underwear.

Underwears are worn usually determined by the colour, texture, and thickens of the fabric used in making a particular dress. More transparent clothing needs more inconspicuous underwear so they don’t draw attention to one’s self. Avoid wearing bright coloured underwear under light and see-through clothing.

2. Too long or too short a dress tie.

The length of a dress tie should be from the neck to the belt. Not above not below but exactly on the belt.

3. Excessive jewellery and accessories: Some simplicity is more fashionable than complexity. Wearing loads of jewellery and attaching a lot of accessories is a good way of dressing.

4.  Not knowing the occasion.

Every occasion has a specific style of dressing. Not knowing or not dressing for the occasion is one of the biggest fashion mistakes. Know the occasion and dress accordingly.

5. Overly baggy clothes.

Baggy clothes are a fast-growing trend that a lot of people tend to overdo. Dressing in clothes that are too baggy is a fashion no. Learn to buy the right sizes.

6. Sagging of trousers.

In this modern era of fashion, the sagging of trousers is inappropriate. Showing off your undergarments to the general public is quite distasteful. Undergarments are meant to be just that, undergarments. Do try to keep trousers and shorts on your waist.

7. Ignoring body size when dressing.

Knowing your body size and what clothes best suit it is key to looking glamorous. Wearing clothes that aren’t made for your body type can make you look a bit awkward.  Dressing accordingly to your body size will give a smart look.

8. Exposure to too much of the body.

Looking beautiful isn’t synonymous with nudity. Dressing with too much skin showing is not ideal, especially in public places. Try to show just the right amount of skin and that will make you look perfect!

9. Inappropriate trouser length.

The trousers must be too high above the ankle and must not be too long. Extremities must be avoided.

10. Extreme colour matching.

When dressing you don’t need to match every article you wear. For example a red shoe, red belt, red hat, red socks. Too much of colour is quite displeasing to the eye. Try a variety of colours that work well together.

Always remember! Simplicity is always a better fashion choice.

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