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Reasons Aisha Huang has become so Powerful in Ghana: Kweku Baako

Following her re-arrest in Ghana, Chinese galamsey kingpin Aisha Huang has once more grabbed headlines. About 4 years ago, she was deported for engaging in illegal mining, but she managed to come back.

Many questions have been raised regarding the system’s flaws and how she managed to skip all the formalities in order to return to Ghana and remain there for a few weeks before being apprehended.

In their own unique ways, the National Identification Authority, Ghana Immigration Service, National Security, and Interior Ministry have all discussed the matter, outlining potential explanations for her return and the responsibilities they may have played in guaranteeing her arrest.

However, given that concerns have been made regarding how she was allowed to re-enter the nation and how, among other things, her deportation details were not relayed to the pertinent organizations, they seem insufficient.

The issue of power has been mentioned as one reason for the state’s seeming incapacity to provide a long-lasting solution to this issue.

Many have claimed that Aisha Huang seems to be getting away with a lot when it comes to the subject because of her relationships and connections with specific people and figures in authority.

Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jr., editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide, is the most recent person to support this idea.

Kweku Baako Jr. spoke during an interview on Joynews’ Newsfile show. He stated several reasons why he believes Aisha Huang is getting away with punitive consequences despite her illicit mining activities.

1. Influence in high places:

He claims that despite her careless behavior, Aisha looks to be untouchable because of her links to powerful men in authority.

“I have it on file that this particular Chinese woman was detained three times under the previous government. Three times she was liberated. She is an extremely strong woman. operates primarily in Kumasi and the Ashanti Region.

“She has ties in this government from my own checks as well. She presents as a very slick operator. She has established a network that crosses party lines. She has infiltrated political institutions, particularly the security services, with her agents.

And whenever she is touched, he added, “she can squirm herself out of danger or trouble.”

2. She has strong Chinese conspirators:

Kweku Baako added that according to his investigations, Aisha’s actions are supported by confederates who are also Chinese nationals. He claims that these ladies conspire to carry out their questionable acts, including one he claims is named Monica.

She has accomplices, one of whom goes by the name of Monica, and another whose name I can’t recall because it’s Chinese.

3. Sex audio and video recordings of interactions between large men:

Aisha Huang and her team have a bunch of ladies who have had sex with some powerful guys and have proof of it, according to Kweku Baako. He claims that these ladies use such content to blackmail the aforementioned individuals and trap them, preventing them from doing their tasks to the fullest extent possible.

The fact that they have established a specific blackmailing system is one of their strengths.

They have video and audio recordings of their conversations with some strategically placed persons from them and now and some they are having sex with, or they have girls; mainly Chinese, who they have brought into town, who sleep with these big men well-placed and they have them and they use it to blackmail our big men into submission. That’s how powerful they have become,” they stated.

Kweku Baako, on the other hand, is of the opinion that in order to help put an end to the problem, anyone who receive orders from powerful men in society to perform activities in favor of Aisha Huang and her group should denounce them.

“Those receiving the calls from the so-called power brokers must be sure who is calling them and must expose them if indeed they work for the system. It’s part of the cure,” he added.

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