Armed Man Captured After Breaking into Funeral to Shoot the Chief

The public funeral grounds at Akyem Kade in the Eastern region were attacked by a guy brandishing a pump-action gun in an attempt to kill the Chief, Osabarima Agyare Tinadu II.

Osei Forson Kwadwo, 42, and his associates previously dispersed seats at the funeral site and knocked the chief’s stool to the ground.

The gunman came on the dais as the Chief of Akyem Kade Osabarima Agyare Tinadu II and his entourage were making their way to sit down.

An eyewitness described the guy as pointing the gun at the Chief and threatening to shoot him if he set foot on the seating platform.

At the funeral, attendees and sympathizers were suddenly overcome by fear and dread.

Both the armless police band members present at the funeral home and the onlookers were helpless as they anxiously eyed the suspect wielding the gun and preparing to fire.

“We challenged him if you will kill Nana then kill all of us around him. He was brandishing the weapon. One of the young men following the Kade chief ordered him to come down from the platform,” a witness narrated.

The suspect boldly began indiscriminately shooting warning shots at the funeral, forcing almost everyone to flee for cover, leaving the Chief and his group of elders to their fate.

But the police CID showed up at the scene and took the man into custody.

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Meanwhile, the police gave him bail so that he could get ready to face charges in court.

Nana Kwasi Darkwa, a prominent figure in the neighborhood and a witness to the shooting occurrence on Saturday, September 10, 2022, also asserted that the suspect must function as a scapegoat to put a stop to criminal activity in the neighborhood.

The 13-year-old protracted chieftaincy conflict in the Akyem Kade traditional territory has been connected to the incident.

Osabarima Asare Tinadu II has been duly gazetted, according to Nana Kwasi Darkwa, yet a group within the same royal line has also enstooled another chief.

Meanwhile, the National House of Chiefs is now considering the case for a decision.


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