Best Tips to Improve SEO for Insurance Agents

When prospective customers are in the market for insurance products, their search almost always begins online. Your services could be exactly what these leads are looking for — but if they can’t find you, they’ll turn to the next best thing.

In today’s digital landscape, quality doesn’t translate directly to visibility. The insurance market is growing rapidly, with agents in fierce competition to reach an audience that demands immediate answers and information. With all this competition, websites of excellent and customer-oriented insurance providers can get pushed further and further down in search results.

Almost 70% of people click on one of the first five websites listed on a search engine results page (SERP). if you’re not there, your potential for success is being constrained by competitors leveraging search engine optimization (SEO).

Why is it important to focus on SEO for insurance agents?

Billions of web pages exist on the internet. Search engines use complex algorithms to sort and organize this vast resource directory so that when a user conducts a search, they’re directed to the best possible results.

At its core, SEO is about using relevant search terms and phrases on your website to help this process along. It’s unlikely that most people search for your business by name, so the trick is to consider what they do and type into a search bar. When Google sees that your website matches those queries, the algorithm indexes your business as relevant.

But search engines are businesses, too. Black hat SEO practices like keyword stuffing have kept developers on their toes, requiring consistent search engine algorithm changes to ensure top results deserve their standing. Google updates its algorithm about twice daily.

While you can’t — and shouldn’t — cheat the system, you can leverage its best practices to reinforce your business’s value and position your insurance website as a potential lead’s top search result.

What do search engines look for?
When a search engine’s bots crawl the web, they’re looking for more than just keywords. SEO algorithms are built around three main pillars:

  • Authority
  • Relevance
  • Trust

These metrics are measured by a range of factors — like content quality, link building, and social sharing. But these impacts strengthen over time, and there’s no easy shortcut to accelerate the process.

However, you can design your insurance website to get a competitive advantage. Build your website’s authority, relevance, and trust by delivering what search engines want to see.



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