(((Breaking News))) David Dontoh: Ghanaian movies does not depict our culture

Veteran actor and television personality David Dontoh says the indigenous Ghanaian films have not adequately projected the cultural characteristics of the region.

According to him, only a handful of local films project the Ghanaian community while others focus on other cultures that he calls popular culture.

Stressing on the concept of culture, he cited a few instances in which some local films did not represent Ghanaian culture in detail.

“People say culture is our way of life, but if it’s our way of life, what do we see in our day-to-day life?

“These are things we have to catch in our films in order to let people decide if it’s from Ghana , Nigeria and India, you have to let the world know who you are otherwise what story you ‘re telling.

“You talk to the world about who you are and if the communication falls short then you don’t express who you really are,” Andy Dosty, host of ‘DayBreak Hitz’ on today’s Hitz FM, told.

The ‘Kofi Abrantie’ actor remembered an encounter he had during a film festival in New York, where he challenged the originality of a film he appeared in.

“During the screening I had been called up front. Someone asked what Ghanaian was about the film because there was no sense of identity and I had to dodge the question by telling them that we were just showing drama but not necessarily Ghanaian culture, “he recounted.

Based on his experience in New York, David Dontoh claimed a few steps to ensure the dissemination of Ghanaian culture.

“A lot of producers will tell you that I always make sure the story includes those elements that will portray me as a Ghanaian.

“Most of the time, therefore, what I do is to make sure my costume is Ghanaian, except for some particular reason, I want to wear Ghanaian so that everyone knows who I am,” he said.

He further stressed that some other characteristics were eaten that included the languages spoken in our films and food.

“It’s all about language , food and fashion, you’ll watch lots of movies in Ghana and what they’re eating, Fried Rice, whilst we have Ampesi, Fufu and other local food.”

David Dontoh advised, however, that Ghanaian films should be produced to spread Ghanaian culture because he felt it could be dissolved by the rapidly rising influx of foreign productions.

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