Breaking News: Military man with loaded gun arrested in John Mahama’s office – Could this be an attempt to assassinations’

Kwesi Pratt Jr., the social commentator and head of the Insight Newspaper, has alleged that John Dramani Mahama’s office arrested a military man with a loaded pistol.

Therefore, Kwesi Pratt Jr. is searching for an explanation as to how this could be so. The outspoken political journalist gave more information about how the said operative has his pistol confiscated by the security apparatus of the office of John Mahama making this assertion on the Pan African Television Network.

Who is the defense intelligence operative who went with a secretly loaded pistol to the office of former President John Dramani Mahama? Former President John Mahama’s security detected it, detained him, and confiscated the weapon,’ he added.

Don’t take part in violent election demonstrations, Zongo youths are told by the National Imam

Some supporters and party administrators have called for the immediate dismissal of the said military officer. The tale can not be refuted or verified by News File Desk.

In the wake of the general election, this follows bouts of dramatic turns as John Mahama has vowed to never acknowledge the results and even call to concede. This development has led to nationwide demonstrations, with some turning violent, of the announced results.

To date, the Deputy National Imam for the Islamic Ahlussunna Wal Jama’a sect, Sheikh Muhammad Kamil Muhammad, has reiterated an appeal to the youth of the various Zongo communities in the country to stay away from the recent violent post-election protests.

The nation is in a crucial era, he said, and if the Zong youth want to be used as instruments for causing anarchy, then peace will become a scary requirement for all.

While Ghana has been constantly referred to as a symbol of peace in Africa, he says, more needs to be done to cement it and the Zongo youth must play their civic roles accordingly.

Ghanaians demonstrate against the 2020 electoral results in Washington DC

The recent election defeat of John Mahama has triggered pockets of demonstrations by NDC supporters around the country and parts of the world.

Recently, several Ghanaians have been protesting the election outcome in Washington DC. These ardent backers of the former president, hoisting placards reading “We Voted Mahama”, seek a revocation of the results of the 2020 election.

John Dramani Mahama has so far called for an impartial audit of all the Pink Sheets from the country’s separate polling stations. He recently told Electoral Commission observers that he would happily accept defeat should the audit be carried out.

The opposition NDC has also dared to make public the electoral commission copies of the pink sheets of the Techiman South Constituency’s official statement of results.

In the constituency where 2 people were shot dead during the elections, the NDC maintains it won the parliamentary election.

NDC man takes the life of a brother who, over a political argument, supports NPP

Haruna Iddrisu, the minority leader, says all efforts to get the commission to supply the party with the declaration sheets have proved futile. He argues that the failure of the commission to deliver the declared results is an indication that the commission distorted statistics in favor of the governing NPP.

I appeal to the President of the Electoral Commission, the Regional Director of the EC for Bono East, and the Returning Officer for Techiman South to make public, whatever the outcome they have so announced for the electorate, we demand that we know in the name of accountability what the NPP or NDC obtained against each other is. We simply can’t locate the findings. This implies that its open daylight theft and disregard of the laws of Ghana,’ he requested.

Meanwhile, Oseadeeyo Akumfi Ameyaw, Paramount Chief of the Techiman Traditional Area in the Bono East District, condemned the shooting incident that resulted in the deaths of two people in the area during the elections just ended. Under no conditions should innocent people be shot-dead in the manner in which Techiman happened, he observed.

Even worse, Mahama’s opposition incompetence – John Boadu

The election results submitted to the President by the Returning Officer, Jean Mensa, indicate that John Mahama was unable to secure 50 plus one votes. The findings show that 6,214,889 were polled by John Mahama while 6,730,413 votes were polled by Nana Addo.

The opposition NDC has fiercely rejected the election results. It has been identified by John Mahama as faulty and rigged. Group supporters have also picketed against the results on multiple occasions at the headquarters of the Electoral Commission.

Political scientists at the University of Ghana’s Department of Political Science claim that it is illegal to form a parallel government. These activities can also cause treasonous crimes.

According to the Managing News Editor of the Crusading Guide Newspaper, the results of presidential and parliamentary elections is a gazette. He claims that it would only require a Supreme Court decision to overturn the election outcome.

The political commentator, speaking on Joy News, condemned John Mahama for not acknowledging the outcome of the election. He wonders why, in 2020, the same EC results he endorsed in the 206 elections are now being questioned.

In order to overcome electoral differences, Akufo Addo and Mahama must meet – Sam Korankye Ankrah

Ghana has been hailed by the international community for its peaceful elections. The elections were also described as generally peaceful by a special convoy from the European Union (EU).

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