Did you Know? Rawlings never staged a coup. Some wicked elements used him

Forty-one (41) years after the Rawlings’ June 4th Revolution led the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council that overthrew the Supreme Military Council, another military regime talked about the incident, a former officer commanding the Recce Regiment.

Major (Retired) Abubakar Sulemana, now the Paramount Chief of the Tolon Traditional Territory, has revealed that it was the architect, contrary to the claims of the late former President Jerry John Rawlings, that it was masterminded and used by some unscrupulous people.

He confirmed that these individuals were very powerful and exercised so much influence that the former military chief was still at their mercy.

“Precisely! Exactly! That is what I am referring to. All the evil things that were done during his tenure… Sadly… it’s just like, I got the control, I got the money. There I put you.

I’m here to tell you something to do Would you refuse? They’ve been using him. They had him pushed. They coerced him to do some disgusting things.

He said of his friendship with Rawlings, “He was a friend of mine.” Rawlings used to go to my house at Camp Burma.

We’d be sitting down and discussing it. We’d meet and ride horses together later on. So gentle, very gentle! And not the devil.

The devils that pushed him to do these things, sadly, are still around. As a politician, I don’t want to be tagged. If you take a deep look, the people around John Mahama are causing the mess. They have their groundbreaking caps already on.

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