Emelia Brobbey reveals her favourite and why

It seems that Verna’s classy trendy mineral water had drawn many Ghanaian fans including Emelia Brobbey.

A multi-award-winning star, where she unveiled the giant and leading manufacturing company Twellium Ghana in her most recent contract.

He said I was very intrigued to try the brand before I was shocked by the affordability of this luxury brand after many lives had been affected by Verna transforming life charity campaigns.

At first, I figured luxury brands should come with an extra cost but not with mineral water from Verna.

Verna matches the “fashionable” modern woman’s style and premium mineral water price, but it’s really inexpensive among her rivals, making you save a lot of money.

She encouraged customers to go for the 1.5-liter bottle to save more and more plastic waste. Recommended for home use, office and highly profitable for business.

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