FUSE ODG burns White Jesus portrait, says it’s the cause of Africa’s oppression

British-Ghanaan artist Fuse ODG has challenged the use of white images by Africans to portray Jesus Christ.

This was rejected by the singer, whose real name is Nana Richard Abiona.

In the Instagram video, FUSE ODG took a portrait of ‘White Jesus,’ and said, “Now for the oppressed, as Africans, we can hope that the oppressors will do the right thing, but we can’t count on them. We need to take our own destiny into our own hands. We have a duty to deal with our own reality, and it starts with that.

Referring to the portrait of the White Jesus, FUSE ODG said: “This is a seed, this is the seed that gave birth to Hitler and his doctrine; this is the seed that gave birth to KKK, apartheid in South Africa, genocide in Rwanda, people of color bleaching around the globe until today, as we speak, the list goes on.”

“This is not even biblical; if you read the Bible, it clearly advises us not to construct any image in the shape of a man or a woman or any object on earth. This is idolatry, because again, if you read the Bible, there is nothing that God hates more than worshiping idols. We need to take down these false images and worship God in spirit and reality. It has to be taken from every single church in Africa, “he said.

The singer also blamed the White Jesus religion as the key cause of Africa’s problems before throwing the picture in the bonfire.

“That, right now, is the real issue here in Africa, because you can go to some of the poorest parts of Africa and find images of White Jesus, and some of you live in areas where, for the first time you ever saw a white person, they were portrayed as a god. So, why do you use a white individual as a false image to represent God? ”.

“As Africans, we need to challenge every aspect of Christianity globally, particularly if it breaks away from our own spirituality and the spirituality of our own ancestors,” FUSE ODG said.

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