I did not snatch Rawlings from Nana Konadu, blame him for cheating on his wife

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  • Miss Nathalie became infamous after the passing of the former president when it was revealed that they have been in an amorous relationship for so long a time.

The alleged side chic of late president JJ Rawlings Miss Nathalie Yamb has sent out a strong warning to all those who have made it their business to haul insults on her.

She says she is not to be blamed for JJ’s unfaithfulness.


Taking to her Instagram page, Miss Nathalie says she hopes the new year would be a year where people would have the guts to blame men who are unfaithful to their wives in marriages rather than blaming their mistresses.

She maintains that it is the man who broke his promise to the wife and not the side chick.

Check out her full post below;



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