Ibrah 1 Is Loosing It Gradually, Posts Picture Of Lady Captured In His “Tafriski” Video

Days ago Ibrah 1 posted a disgusting video of him either accidentally or deliberately, given a lick on his stick by one beautiful damsel on his Snapchat page.

Although the video was taken down moments after, Ibrah ‘s live-action enjoying the moment was recorded by many netizens.

It doesn’t seem to be all right with Ibrah 1 as he recently made crazy and really dumb posts on Snapchat and his Twitter and even his own followers found that too.

The young man, after being dumped by his wife, Khadijah, has returned to his old ways of sleeping with random poor girls trying to earn some bucks because of the impression that he is ‘rich’

Ironically, maybe this one is his girlfriend that he has begun to grow feelings for, or maybe just use her to annoy his ex-wife.

Ghbase.com found that Ibrah posted a full image of the BJ action girl with some interesting caption.

He wrote; “Beauty isn’t the one you ‘re on the outside, it’s the wisdom and time you’ve given away to save another person like you”

After a girl leaked pictures of him without anything on, Ibrah has done everything he can to prove that, his stick isn’t that tiny as Shatta Wale joked, telling his thing like Safety Pin — but who cares if it’s big or not?

However, I am of the opinion that Ibrah intentionally posted the lick moment video so that people could see his full gear to sort out the impression of the “safety pin.”

See the girl’s picture that was recently exposed on his Snapchat – and if you watched the video, you ‘d know that, the girl certainly knew she was recorded, but hey, she’s doing her JOB!



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