(((Just IN))) No Pregnancy on my part anymore, I will buy a child soon

Instead of giving birth to myself-Mzbel, I will buy my next child.

Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, born a singer Mzbel, has indicated that she will not make babies in her lifetime but will buy her next child.

To Mzbel she can’t handle the appalling pain that comes with pregnancy and so she’ll buy a child on the market. She made this amazing revelation in a livestream on Twitter.

“I can not go through this again. I am going to the market to buy it for my next child. Even my son has asked me when I would buy his friend. I need a baby which is two months old, “she said.

Which suggests Mzbel persuaded his son to buy into the idea.

Talking about the behaviors that lead to pregnancy, Mzbel said she will continue to participate in it for the love of it and not necessarily for having babies.

Mzbel revealed she had her son by means of a cesarean.

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