(((Just In))) We are not involved in any Brutalities – Ghana Armed Forces

Yet again, the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) have confirmed that it is not involved in any brutalities against Volta area citizens.

“The Ghana Armed Forces’ attention has once again been drawn to reports of military personnel deployed along the Volta region’s borders harassing people, invading their homes and stopping them from participating in the ongoing elector registration exercise,” read a GAF statement.

According to the security service, the source “tests and verifications” show that the allegations are “fake and baseless.’

Military personnel were sent to some of the country’s border towns, one of which is Volta city.

While the Minister of Defense, Dominic Nitiwul, has claimed that the deployment is planned to protect Ghana ‘s borders against the importation of COVID-19 due to the illegal entry of foreigners into the country, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) argues that the presence of the military in the regions known as NDC strongholds is intended to deter citizens so as not to register them.

People and leaders in the area have protested many times, accusing these security officers of assaulting people and creating fear amongst them.

But in an initial statement, the Ghana Armed Forces stressed that “this issue was investigated and there was no soldier involved in any such act.”

The intelligence service said in this new release that its “troops treated themselves professionally and maintained a non-violent and threatening stance.”

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