Kevin Taylor vows to expose rapists parading as entertainment pundits

Kevin Taylor  vows to expose rapists parading as entertainment pundits || Broadcaster and social media commentator Ekow Kevin Taylor expressed outrage at the attacks on artist Wiyaala.

According to him, he has proof that these so-called pundits who are allowed to sit on radio and television stations in Ghana because they control those artists are rapists and will reveal them in due time.

He observed that because natural Wiyaala wanted to live in Funsi, where she hails and comes to Accra just for work, she was targeted with hate speech by hungry people who called themselves pundits.

Kevin Taylor said that if female performers are brave enough to reveal any of those individuals who sit on the radio and serve as a repository of information, they would be revealed as a rapist wrapped in artist-manager skins.

Kevin Taylor asked Wiyaala to be regarded as a national asset and treasure she is, and not to be abused by misguided journalists whose understanding of show business does not cross the boundaries of Ghana and Togo.

“Over the weekend and this week, the boys who call themselves pundits started to taunt this lady. I don’t want to say their names because they’re dumb. I said in my show that you guys can get away with anything but if you’re not selective and you’re trying to attack women out of nowhere, out of difficulty, you know where this girl or this lady grew up? You all know that. The problem is the dumb things you guys are doing because you want to drag people down. You ‘re doing this because she’s a Northerner so you sit on your dirty TVs and you want to shame this lady, you want to run down this lady because she’s not like the other prostitutes who encourage you to touch and use them.

He said, “This is the same thing you did to the ladies. If a woman continues working like this in an industry that is patriarchal, an industry that is male-dominated, an industry that is made up of rapists. So many of these girls have you not raped under the influence that we’re going to dominate you? When these girls want to come out and chat, you ‘re going to call yourself pundits. Dirty old men, dirty fools. This girl isn’t here for your filthy musician of the year.

“You sit in Accra and take these poor young girls and rape them all in the name of what we’re going to do with you. The dumb thing has to end. We ‘re not going to make this nonsense again in Ghana, “he added.

He threatened the so-called pundits to respond to him, and he would “expose all of you and the ladies you raped in the industry, fools. Pundits my foot The people are threatening this lady because she’s a northerner


In a video on her social media accounts, Wiyaala called on entertainment critics to stop referencing her name because they think it doesn’t matter when it comes to entertainment in Ghana.

Since then, the video has created debates around the artist and whether she has “come” on the grounds that she focuses on foreign deals and does not lend credence to what is happening in the music industry in Ghana.

Artiste Director, Bulldog described her as a thick skin lady whose skin is not the taste of others, and that’s why people don’t concentrate on her even though she’s known to show skin in her videos and images.


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