Killer Manhean Landlord Caged by Amasaman District Court

Killer Manhean Landlord Caged by Amasaman District Court || On Wednesday, the Amasaman District Court held Adjei Boye, a 35-year-old landlord who allegedly killed his tenant, Kweku Abu, 38, in police custody and inflicted machete wounds on the wife of the deceased.

Boye convicted of murder had his plea held in court.

Prosecution appealed to the court for the accused to be put in lawful custody to allow the police to continue their investigations.

The court chaired by Ms Hatia Manu compelled the appeal of the prosecution and adjourned the matter until August 12.

The deceased was said to have challenged the landlord according to the police for allegedly spanking his (Abu’s) one-year-old daughter who was playing in front of Boye’s barber shop near the deceased and his wife’s residence.

It said that the altercation led to words being exchanged and later degenerated into a scuffle during which Boye broke into his room to get a machete and started to inflict wounds on Abu.

Police said at about 7:30 p.m. on July 16, this year, a victim’s neighbor reported hearing screams for help while working on a nearby building, and finding out that Boye had killed Abu when he followed the scream to the spot.

Police said the wounded Abu’s were sent to the Amasaman Government Hospital with the assistance of some neighbors, but were pronounced dead upon arrival.

Police say Abu ‘s wife also suffered machete wounds on her head when she tried to intervene during the act’s trigger.


SOURCE:: Killer Manhean Landlord Caged by Amasaman District Court || || 

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