Kleptomaniac Nkunta Akwasi Kwarteng says; ‘I feel relieved after my confession’

Former kleptomaniac, Nkunta Akwasi Kwarteng, who is also a former sports journalist has disclosed that confessing his chronic stealing condition has eventually set him free.

Talking to Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9 FM’s Nsem Pii show, he said, “Honestly, it was my biggest concern and I was looking for all the ways and means of getting it off my chest. I was too ashamed to talk to anyone about it and I have suffered for that”.

According to Akwasi, prior to his encounter with the prophet who asked him to confess in order to end his misery, he was considering committing suicide.

When he was asked why, his response was, “I was very frustrated and didn’t know what else to do or whom to talk to. I went as far as writing a post on my Facebook wall that if no one heard from me again then that was it…”

After the post, Akwasi stated that he had a dream and saw himself making a confession on a radio station although he did not know on which radio station and when.

“I’m very relaxed and relieved, especially now that I’ve done this. I now feel like a burden has been lifted off me and I look forward to being a better version of myself,” he added.

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