Man ‘proposes’ love to DJ Switch – Gets fired on Social Media

A social media user, Richard Amoah, has come under intense criticism and outright condemnation for expressing sexual interest in celebrated child prodigy DJ Switch.

Amoah, commenting under a post of the child celebrity, revealed that he was interested in having sexual intercourse with DJ Switch.

His comment has been met with widespread condemnation especially from feminists on social media who have described him as a shameless pedophile who must be dealt with immediately.

Mr. Amoah’s unfortunate comment comes at a time when there have been reports of an increase in cases of child defilement and rape.

DJ Switch (born Erica Tandoh), an extraordinarily talented DJ, is only twelve years old. She became famous in 2018 after winning TV3’s Talented Kids competition.

Due to her age, many on social media are horrified that a man, suspected to be in his thirties, can openly express sexual interest in a child.

“This guy is called Richard Amoah and he feels justified in writing on the internet that he will ‘rape’ a child; DJ Switch. ‘Rape’ because a child cannot consent to sex with an adult. This disgusting man and people like this are in society. I speak with families of defiled children and there is nothing funny about this. This very abhorrent,” Actress and philanthropist, Ama K Abebrese lamented.

Several other persons have condemned his comment.

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