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Osama Bin Laden’s name pops up in court

Osama Bin Laden's name appears in a Ghanaian High Court

When the Wenchi High Court was hearing an election petition on Monday, Osama Bin Laden’s name came up.

This occurred when Abdul-Hameed Zakaria, the star witness for petitioner Hon. Christopher Bayere Baasongti, climbed the witness stand to be cross-examined by an Electoral Commission lawyer.

Lawyer Emmanuel Addai urged the star witness to declare his name to the court during the cross-examination. When he did, the lawyer inquired as to whether he was also known as Bin Laden. The witness replied affirmatively.

The lawyer then asked if he was named after Afghanistan’s Osama Bin Laden, which Hameed denied.

The following is an excerpt from the courtroom proceedings:

To this court, please confirm your entire name.

My full name is Abdul- Hameed Zakaria, my Lord. Abdul-Hameed is a hyphenated form of Abdul-Hameed.

And you’re also known as Bin Laden, right?

Answer: You are absolutely correct.

Question: You were named after Afghanistan’s Osama Bin Laden!

My Lord, you are incorrect; I was not named after him.

Question: On January 6, 2022, you were granted an interview with Akina Radio, a Techiman-based radio station. Isn’t that correct?

Yes, I agreed to an interview with the aforementioned radio station.

Question: Did you use the Twi language throughout the interview?

Yes, you’ve got it right.

Question: You also stated in the same interview with Akina Radio that the Returning Officer declared the statistics from his mind.

Answer: My Lord, based on the Form 1C that the 2nd Respondent supplied to this court, I believe the Returning Officer completed the collation in his kitchen or bedroom, which is why several of our polling stations’ results were changed.

Question: I’m arguing that your actions as a Director of Elections were illegal!

Answer: My Lord, the counsel’s suggestion is illegitimate. My Lord, I disagree.

The suggestion is unacceptably inappropriate. Because no findings were compiled, there can be no conduct in regard to me.

The case has been adjourned to 17th January.

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