Pete Edochie encourages his son to run for the next Nigeria Presidential Elections

For the Nigerian presidential race of 2023 Pete Edochie, a veteran actor from Nollywood has endorsed Yul, his uncle.

Yul broke up the news in a video on Thursday’s website.

“My father’s head, Pete Edochie, endorses my presidential ambition… Almighty, take full control of my 2023 presidential ambition,” he subtitled.

Pete revealed that his support is a product of the relentless appeals of young men to publicly support his son’s appeal for the highest government office in the world.

The veteran actor also expressed faith that his son had the right principles and was motivated to advance the country.

He said he would not maintain his support for Yul who had wanted to get into it when he was not involved in politics. He said.

“It’s really solid my principles. I’ve got my own kids and they’re really powerful, too. I’m not a political activist. But you know, not all your kids can follow you,” he said.

“One of my sons, who is an actress incidentally, wanted to be a politician. Most of the young people took my phone and asked me to support my son for his president’s pleasant. But daddy continues to say, we want Yul to be the country’s president.

“We like it. “We like it. He’s disciplined, polite, he believes in people a lot. They have so troubled me that I am introducing him hereby to you today. He has my blessing. He has my blessing. He’s got my approval.

“I would remove him from the race, every day he decides to break free from the discipline in which he was educated. Your son’s going to be perfect. As your passion has been to participate in politics and the desire to run for the country’s presidency, the good Lord will support, protect and lead you.”

In 2018, the player turned politician revealed the intention to bid under the All Democratic Grand Alliance Party (APGA) for the office of the President at the 2019 elections.

He eventually discarded the ambition—a decision he said made “after proper consultation.”

He was opposed by the Democratic Peoples Congress (DPC) for the 2017 elections of the State Governors of the Anambra before his presidential candidacy but lost just 145 votes.

In 2018, Yul was named the Governor of Anambra, Willie Obiano, Senior Special Assistant to Artistic and Entertainment Media.

However, the actor resigned and left the APGA to join the Democratic People’s Party (DPP), alleging that his decision had been taken with a view to endorsing the presidential aspiration of the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, who was the party’s nominee.

Yul again announced earlier this year that he wanted to take up the top office in Nigeria in 2023.

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