(Photos + Video): Lady claims she’s the first daughter of Jerry Rawlings

Abigail Rawlings Mawutor, a 52-year-old minor, alleged to be the late president’s first daughter J.J. Rawlings.

It was exposed at SVTV Africa to the extended family and the general public by exposing its real identity.

Grace Omaboe aka Maame Donoko gave her money in 2003, she reported, to leave the country.

“Maame learns this from Dokono. In 2003, I visited her and told her my story, but if I don’t stay silent, she told me that I could die. So I left the world, she gave me money,” Ayisha told host Abigail.

She told us how her mother knew the ex-president and she said that during his preparation days they were talking. But he asked her mom to preserve that for herself.

“The village’s most outside family know me. I went to the family house when my mom told me about my dad,” she said.

She’s happy to be checked to validate her point, added Abigail.


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