You’re very foolish to say what you said: Prince ‘Don’ Tsegah to Kelvyn Boy

In response to Kelvyn Boy’s admission of smoking during an interview on Accra’s Hitz FM, entertainment critic Prince ‘Don’ Tsegah has reprimanded the musician.

The musician admitted to Andy Dosty, host of Daybreak Hitz, that smoking is a part of his life and he sees nothing wrong with that. And more importantly, the musician has been seen smoking on numerous occasions in pictures and videos.

Despite claims to the contrary, Kelvyn Boy stated that he would rather go insane if he didn’t smoke, despite claims that smoking causes madness.

You see the way people dey think say if you smoke you go mad? Me, if I don’t smoke I go mad,”

“I like to stay real and I feel like this thing we dey do is my life, it’s my lifestyle too. It’s my career. This is the only thing I know how to do. For real, I dey smoke” Kelvyn Boy iterated.

Prince Tsegah, however, believes that the musician ought to have been more subdued in his behavior.

The entertainment critic on Hitz FM’s “U Sey Wetin” said on Monday that it was disgusting for Kelvyn Boy to have admitted to smoking, especially given how big of an artist he has become as a result of his blockbuster hit song “Down Flat.”

Even if you do it, for the sake of PR, you should control how people think about you,” Tsegah remarked.

“If I tell you the big people who like the Down Flat song, now people have started admitting you; in fact, this is your biggest hit song. And at this time, this is how you want to mal that fame? Kelvyn Boy, you’re very foolish to say what you said,” he added.

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