Rawlings to stage a ‘Demo’ soon

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has vowed to stage a “protest” if the growing sea erosion in the country’s coastal regions is not managed by Parliament and the government.

According to him, at an increasing pace, several coastal villages are losing their land to the sea.

In order to protect lives and property, the problem, Mr. Rawlings said, requires the vital attention of the government.

“Bit by bit, it’s happening. I share this with you, and when it occurs to you, you can understand how necessary it is to have soil beneath you


r feet, ” he told a Parliamentary delegation at his residence headed by the Speaker, Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye.

He noted that if he had to carry a placard with the inscription ‘send us some more groins’ to demonstrate at Parliament House to ensure lands along the coast are secured, he will do it.

Rawlings charged Parliament’s leadership with liaising with the Presidency to ensure that citizens are safe from degradation along the coastal regions, adding that he would directly engage the President on the issue.

The former president advised the government to stretch the maritime security scheme from Keta to the Aflao boundary between Ghana and Togo to prevent denying people their places of residence.

“You can pay a visit to the neighborhoods and see for yourself, Mr. Speaker. We ought to expand the property past what it is today.

He informed the delegation that, because of the death of his mother, he had asked him to compete with his relatives.

Parliament Speaker Prof Aaron Mike Oquaye expressed his sincere condolences to the family of the Rawlings and assured him of the assistance of Parliament during his late mother’s final funeral rites.

For his part, Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, the Parliament’s majority leader, encouraged the former president to stay firm throughout those tough moments.

On behalf of the minority in Parliament, Joseph Yileh Chireh, MP for Wa West, who served the Minority Leader, also expressed his condolences.

Funeral Planning Committee Chairman Dan Abodakpi confirmed the final funeral rites for Rawlings’ mother would take place on October 24, 2020.

According to Dan Abodakpi, after a funeral service at the State House, the corpse of the former President’s late mother will be brought to Dzelukope in Keta for final internment.

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