Rawlings used to sweep and clean our training room – Azuma Nelson

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  • The legendary Ghanaian boxer, Azumah Nelson, said that the late former president, Jerry John Rawlings, used to sweep his training room even as head of state-the deep gesture, according to Azumah, initiated, among others, the great friendship that he is widely considered to have had with JJ
  • Azumah Nelson, the four-time world boxing champion, announced this in an interview before the death of Rawlings.

Azumah Nelson, the historical Ghanaian boxer, revealed how he got so close to the late former president, Jerry John Rawlings.

In a Face to Face interview seen by NEWS FILE DESK on Citi TV’s official YouTube handle prior to the JJ’s demise, Azumah shocked everyone when he discussed what Rawlings used to do.

According to the four-time world boxing champion, during their preparations for the World Olympic Games back in the day, he and the former president really got to know each other.

Azumah indicated that he was planning to meet a specific gold medalist in boxing from America at the time, and JJ Rawlings wanted to give this complete attention.

The renowned boxer said that JJ would come to their training room to dust, clean, and serve them food to make sure they were safe, even though he was the head of state at the time.

The friendship between the two respected Ghanaian icons just kept getting better and better from then on.


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