Royal Blues: Gifty Anti stopped from eating her favourite dish [Audio]

Oheneyere Gifty Anti, an award-winning female television personality, has made a stunning announcement about her family and about etor food.

The television personality has said that although the etor was her favorite on birthdays, during her daughter, Nyame Anuonyam ‘s 3rd birthday that fell on August 11, 2020, her family was not allowed to eat the meal.

“On my birthdays I usually eat a lot of etor. My mother-in-law does it perfectly with eggs and all but we couldn’t eat etor yesterday which was Anuonyam ‘s birthday, “she said.

According to her, even though her mother-in-law cooked one for her daughter, the family was halted from consuming the meal.


She explained that their status as royals traditionally barred them from eating new yam, especially when the rituals needed were not performed to pave the way for eating new yams.

Gifty said she had the impression that once the princess was her daughter and not her, she could go ahead and eat but it was explained to her that once she was married to the chief she was also banned.

“We were shocked but had to obey the instructions as we couldn’t eat the etor even though my mother-in-law prepared a nice one for us,” she added.

Etor is a dish made of mashed cereals, especially maize, and a favorite of Ghana’s Akan people. This could be made with Plantain combined with palm oil, too.

Groundnuts (peanuts) and eggs are used to garnish the dish and on their birthdays, in some cultures, they are prepared for people.

Hear Gifty Anti in Audio

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