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Shocking Number of Covid-19 In Ghana School’s finally out – Health Minister

Covid-19 In Ghana School   || THE Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, has said that 178 cases of Covid-19 have been reported throughout the country in junior high schools (JHSs) and high schools (SHSs), with 8 recoveries already registered.

“Sir. Speaker, all the confirmed cases are either in good health with no symptoms or in a moderate condition. With more than one million students , teachers and non-teachers involved in reopening schools, the percentage of infection stands at 0.0178, “he said yesterday in a statement read by his deputy, Bernard Okoe-Boye, on his behalf in Parliament.

According to the minister, the 0.0178 rate demands adherence to government policies and not closure of schools, stressing that “because of confirmed Covid-19 incidents, there’s absolutely no need to close schools.”

He said, “All areas you ‘d be sending a child to harbor the virus, too. Let’s stick to the procedures and instructions for isolation, quarantine, touch monitoring, examination and care and, by the Almighty ‘s grace, this pandemic will pass sooner than later.

He said that the Akufo-Addo administration had shown good faith, demonstrated leadership, and showed dedication through its spending on Covid-19-related cases testing, isolation, and care.

“Not to mention the tax deductions, health workers benefits and the 50 percent minimum wage for health workers who oversee the duty line verified Covid-19 incidents, hence the need to take the protocols seriously,” he underlined.

“We provided all students with reusable masks, because we knew that some students could be asymptomatic and that wearing the masks would help them to recover with minimal risk of passing it on to others,” he added.

The health minister intimated that it was not the government’s wish for cases to be registered in SHSs, but rather the knowledge that the novel coronavirus could be detected anywhere in the country that notified the schools in preparation for reopening the supply of Veronica buckets, hundreds of thousands of sanitizers and other devices.

“Once again, an understanding of public health, disease epidemiology and health management will show that with Ghana ‘s positive rate of 7% based on the tests we’ve done so far, on average, seven people are likely to choose as positive cases for every 100 people you ‘re testing in Ghana, whether they’re at Makola Market Teshie Landing Beach, Jamestown, Walele or here in the Building. When you hear that Multimedia has reported a Covid-19 case, it doesn’t mean that there’s no case at their sister media houses, “he said.

Mr. Agyeman-Manu took the opportunity to reiterate the good luck message that the President sent to all SHS WASSCE candidates as they started their examinations yesterday.

“May the Lord, who in this pandemic had been gracious to Mother Ghana, be gracious to her in their examinations,” he said.

Covid-19 In Ghana School


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