Slay Queen Reveals She Inserted A Snake In Her Tonga To Sleep With Politicians

Queen Sandra, a former Ghanaian slaughter queen, and prostitute have revealed how she used to charm rich men to sleep with her.

Speaking on Okay FM’s Ekwansodwoodwoo in an interview with Bongo Depharaa, Miss Sandra said that most women who sleep with rich men in exchange for cash do not go with their canal minds but use charms to seduce these men.

She personally went out for a snake inside her Tonga, according to Miss Sandra, to be able to sleep with ministers and powerful men who could give her lots of money.

She added that in terms of anklets, beads, waste beads, perfumes and lipstick, and even make-up, the majority of the ladies she used to work with use all sorts of charms.

There are several ladies who spend three days soaking their used sanitary pads in a container and using it to cook food for the men who visit them. This helps men stick with them for longer. The ladies also get the chance to exploit and drain all their money from them. Sandra unexpectedly exposed it.

Oh, notice to the men who want to sleep around that some of these ladies aren’t humans and stay awake!!!

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