Strongman Teams Up With Wendy Shay On ‘Mokobe’

Rapper Strongman is on his way to becoming the most successful artist this year as he released a new single named ‘Mokobe’ featuring Wendy Shay.

The song that adds up to this year’s sequence of releases is out with a video. The song is off the forthcoming ’10:00am’ album, and it’s expected to broaden its fan base.

The video, directed by Prince Dovlo, has already started to enjoy some online viewing.

In ‘Mokobe,’ Strongman shamed his naysayers who doubted his success, telling them that the best is yet to come.

The song goes on to say that his quiet nature is underpinned by his hard work — and nothing will impede his advancement.

‘Mokobe’—which basically means’ no one is there’—sends a clear message that no one will stand in his path to greatness.

Notwithstanding the pandemic, Strongman was a fantastic year this year. He has chart-topping singles that have boosted a lot of expectations of his forthcoming album.

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